PC Repair

We repair your personal computer fast and reliable from 40 €.  

Sample Services for PC:
computer repair

    tick Installation/Upgrade of Operating system 
    tick Τechnical Support on your site  
    tick Hardware Upgrade
    tick Installation of wired/wireless DSL router  
    tick Virus/trojan cleanup  
    tick Data Recovery (When it is possible) 
    tick Installation and configuration of parental control software.

For very fast responce and repair of your pc we suggesting you to visit the Remote Support service. That service requires you to have internet connection and your pc to be able to boot the operating system.   


IT Support

We are supporting your IT infrastructure reliable with very low cost. 

Help_KeySumple IT support services:

     Installation/Upgrade of operating system  
     Τechnical support on your site  
     Hardware upgrade  
     Virus/Trajan cleanup  
     Data Recovery (Where that is posible) 
     Design and support of data networks 
     Server Installation and configuration (Microsoft, Linux,Solaris,HP-UX)  
     Backup sollutions Virtualization solutions   
     Remote Support

Για For companies with high support needs we offer contracts designed and customized based on their needs and always in very low cost. 

IT Consulting

With our experience in IT business we provide you high quality consulting services, we suggesting you IT sollution that improve your infrastracture and processes. puzzle

After analysing your needs and your current IT infrastructure we suggesting you technologies and sollutions for reducing your current IT cost without reducing the quality of the service.
We consulting you in areas such as Backup, System virtualization, Open source     platforms. 

The technologies that we suggest to our clients we support them with contracts

Support Contracts

When your support needs are very high and critical we can provide you a support contract customized on your budjet and your current it equipment. support-contract

Contact us  or just fill a quotation request describing your needs in order to design your contract with you.